We will be hosting public demonstrations of the kit in San Francisco at Gamenest's "Out Of The Shell" event on Friday, October 28th, 8PM; and at Noisebridge Hackerspace's "Laserbridge" Halloween Party on Saturday, October 29th, 6PM. Directions below:   Gamenest: 222 7th St, San Francisco, CA. Public Transit: Roughly 2-3 blocks from the Civic Center [...]

Weekly Development Update #2 (10/27/2016)

Hey all,   Chris here again with our second weekly update. Some very exciting news this week: Multiplayer/Network/Replication support is now functional, and we're working hard to add more functionality like basic game modes before ship. Grenades and melee are still in the works. Also, we will be¬†publicly demonstrating a build of the project on [...]