Not-So-Weekly-Update 4

Hey everyone,

I’ve been off the website for the past 3 weeks due to college, thanksgiving, and other stuff, but I’M BACK! So, we’ve made A LOT of progress in the past few weeks. tdm Team support is enabled, networking is more refined, and we’re now working to get as much stuff packed in before release. We’re hosting a closed BETA TEST(!!!) of the kit starting on Tuesday, December 20th, and lasting for 2-4 weeks. We need people to make cool stuff, break stuff, and push it to its limits. If you’re interested, please join me at Noisebridge in San Francisco at 8:30 PM that day, or send me an email at We’re aiming for an initial release of 1-23, so stay tuned!


Thanks for your time,

Chris Simms

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