Not-So-Weekly-Update 4

Hey everyone, I've been off the website for the past 3 weeks due to college, thanksgiving, and other stuff, but I'M BACK! So, we've made A LOT of progress in the past few weeks.  Team support is enabled, networking is more refined, and we're now working to get as much stuff packed in before release. [...]

Weekly Update #3

Hey all, new weekly update here. Right now, we've got multiplayer over LAN working at a somewhat playable level. We're working on smoothing out some bugs with networking and we're also going to implement grenades, explosives, and melee before ship. Chances are, the initial ship multiplayer will be primarily client-based, but we will be adding [...]

Thank you!!!

Hey everybody, just wanted to give a huge shout-out and thank you to those who attended our demos this weekend. It means a lot to us and it was great to see so many faces and meet so many new people.  We hope you enjoyed it, and make sure to keep following us for weekly [...]


We will be hosting public demonstrations of the kit in San Francisco at Gamenest's "Out Of The Shell" event on Friday, October 28th, 8PM; and at Noisebridge Hackerspace's "Laserbridge" Halloween Party on Saturday, October 29th, 6PM. Directions below:   Gamenest: 222 7th St, San Francisco, CA. Public Transit: Roughly 2-3 blocks from the Civic Center [...]


Well, the wait is finally over. We finally have a development blog that will chronicle our development of this crazy and exciting project, and all the ups and downs that come with it. Make sure to go ahead and add us to your bookmarks bar and be sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram [...]